4 Ways to Use Your Blog for Marketing on Social Media

4 Ways to Use Your Blog for Marketing on Social Media

Now days, having your own blog is not an option, it’s a necessity. It’s the foundation of an effective Social Media marketing strategy for your Business.
To make any revenue, you must engage with your audience on Sociam Media through a useful content. With this content you build trust, as an expert to solve a problem, this is when you can start selling your solution.
Creating this kind of content isn’t difficult if you commit to it in long-term.

Let’s see how to do it:


1. Set a clear goal

Set a Clear Goal

With a userful Content, setting a plan require a specific detailed approach. Creating a content that support a clear vision of your desired outcome.

The best option is to use your blog to offer value to your leads and position yourself as an authority in your niche. Create a plan and stick to it. The only key is commitment to build your audiance and generate organic fans.

2. Create an effective blog

Web Marketing experts always said Blogging, Blogging and Blogging. It’s the only effective way to give you the best result.

Your Blog is your owned-media. You control it, no matter your audiance size is, your blog is the place to express your opinions on a subject that might affect your target audience.

Focuss on good quality content, a useful content, a content that teach your audience. Ask your customers about their problems, what they need exactly to grow their business. So when you start writing a new article, keep in mind to help your customers and solve their problems. Begin by a story to engage with your readers, and finish by presenting the solution.

Try to write an article not less than 350 words. The length depend on how long it takes to fully get your point across.

3. Share your post on social media

Once you have your content wittten, use this content to engage with your fans on social media around your topic. Your content becomes your sales force to guide your prospect to sale.

The most important point is that you shouldn’t self-promote or sell more than 15 percent of the time. So if you post at least an article everyday, which is strongly recommended, try not to have more than one self-promotion post per week.

4. Automate publication

To make this plan work, you should stick to consistent delivery. And to ensure this, you must shedule all content in advance. The best way is using an automated service like HootSuite to pre-program all your content on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. You can also schedule your blog posts and emails ahead of time.

Don’t forhet to alert your readers through email when you post new article on your blog and promote these posts in your social media network.

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