5 Trends For Online Marketing In 2016

5 Trends For Online Marketing In 2016

The evolution of digital marketing is unlike any other industry. During the past year alone, we have seen dramatic changes in everything from online advertising to how to design the website.

What digital marketing trends should we monitor in 2016? Let’s find out…

1. More websites will go responsive

As the owner of a Web & Mobile Agency, the number one I hear from companies that are looking to redesign their websites is that they do not want to be obsolete in a year. Who can blame them for being concerned? Technology is constantly changing the world of marketing. For this reason, in 2016, all the new websites will continue to be built responsively. A responsive website is one that adjusts to fit the width of the browser, making the viewing experience optimal for any device it is loaded on.

2. SEO will continue to be converted into content marketing

Search Engine Optimization isn’t dead, it’s just evolving. What was once seen as mysterious, and the practices of manipulating is now developing into what many marketers are calling “Content Marketing”. This is because as algorithms become more advanced for search engines, they are always able to filter what content is trying to game the system and what is really useful to the end user.

3. Video content platform will become much bigger

Since YouTube is continuing to dominate the Web, video is proving that it was a key player as a content platform. So while the internet continues to advance, the ways that we consume content will too. I’m not saying here that long form content such as Blogging is dead as a content marketing, it’s just that video are able to engage more with users. Many studies have shown that the visitor will stay for two minutes longer if that website has a video.

4. Design and speed will be a necessity, not a luxury

With the Internet continuing to mature, the winner sites aren’t only those that provide the best content, but also those that do so in the most effective and efficient way possible. This means that the way your site is designed and how fast it loads play a major key factor in whether a visitor becomes a lead. As new sites get redesigned in 2016 we will see a new shift from just providing a good quality content (a content that is useful), to providing a content that is in the same time useful, attractive, and fast to load on the end user’s screen (in multi devices).

5. Digital Marketing Efforts will Increase on Social Media Sites

The aging of the Facebook audience is the number one factor for driving the Digital Marketing change. However, it is not the only factor, Snapchat and Instagram have been recently regarded as a platform for users to communicate and share personal content. Most marketers didn’t see either platform as a viable place for their content marketing efforts, especially when it has been so lucrative to focus on more established platforms such as YouTube and Facebook. This will change quickly as we move into 2016.

Instagram is now providing advertising opportunities to a wider circle of brands, and the Snapchat Story is already proving to be a great branding tool. So, marketers in the future will likely use thoses new platforms for their marketing strategies.

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