Do You Understand Your Visitors?

See EXACTLY What Each Visitor Does Instantly When They Hit Your Page

and Gently Persuade Them to Do What YOU Want Them To Do!

It’s kind of like looking over their shoulder as your visitors move around your site, make a purchase, sign-up to your list… or click away. You’ll be able to…

[list icon=”” style=”2″ image=”13214″ title=”Instantly see when, where and why they leave the page”][/list][list icon=”” style=”2″ image=”13214″ title=”The ‘blockages’ that are preventing the sale”][/list]
[list icon=”” style=”2″ image=”13214″ title=”Which parts of the page turn them off”][/list][list icon=”” style=”2″ image=”13214″ title=”and with that kind of intel you’d be able to remedy any web page in seconds”][/list]

Everything you need in one unified platform

WIPOU Tracker provides accurate visitor heat maps, user-behavior & conversion optimization for better user-experience, engagement and sales.

[fancy_heading h1=”0″ icon=”” style=”arrows” title=”Click Heatmap”][/fancy_heading]

Using our overlays, you can see what your visitors are clicking versus what "you think" they are clicking.

Are people clicking your images? navigation? primary or secondary call to actions?

[fancy_heading h1=”0″ icon=”” style=”arrows” title=”Movement Heatmap”][/fancy_heading]

Watch how the visitor’s eyes are drawn to certain areas on a page.

Are they going to specific parts of the page you want them to? Do you need to redesign a certain element on the page to help draw their attention to it?

[fancy_heading h1=”0″ icon=”” style=”arrows” title=”Scroll Heatmap”][/fancy_heading]

WIPOU Tracker shows you how far down a page, on average, visitors scroll.

This lets you see what is seen and what isn’t seen. You can uncover whether certain content is missed alltogether.

[fancy_heading h1=”0″ icon=”” style=”arrows” title=”Visitor Recordings”][/fancy_heading]

Watch LIVE Visitor Recordings & Analyze each and every visitor experience to see how they are interacting with your website or specific pages.

[fancy_heading h1=”0″ icon=”” style=”arrows” title=”100% Mobile Friendly”][/fancy_heading]

WIPOU Tracker accurately tracks your visitors from all mobile devices.

[fancy_heading h1=”0″ icon=”” style=”arrows” title=”Powerful Reports”][/fancy_heading]

Quantify visitor behavior with in-page analytics. Get a comprehensive overview for each page on your site.

No matter how your visitors are viewing your pages, WIPOU Tracker will help convert those visitors into buyers. Understand how visitors experience your site from smartphones and tablets. Nearly 60% of internet usage comes from mobile devices!

Don't lose sales and leads because you're not tracking all of your visitors.

Optimize your Site's Usability and Conversion Rate

WIPOU Tracker is the ideal tool for:

[list icon=”” style=”2″ image=”13214″ title=”UX & UI Designers”][/list][list icon=”” style=”2″ image=”13214″ title=”Web Developers”][/list][list icon=”” style=”2″ image=”13214″ title=”Product Managers”][/list]
[list icon=”” style=”2″ image=”13214″ title=”Analysts”][/list][list icon=”” style=”2″ image=”13214″ title=”Digital Marketers”][/list][list icon=”” style=”2″ image=”13214″ title=”Agencies & Consultants”][/list]